Private Equity in The Picture

This Private Equity News article names some of the PE players that could potentially pick up TNT’s Post division, should the trade buyer decide to acquire only the Express division.

CVC would be a credible contender, imho, because of their industry and regional expertise.

Edit: Didn’t realise that link needed a subscription. Two alternate links for similar content:

Efinancial News

Port News


$15 Billion Offer for TNT in The Works?

While I was riveted by Olympic boxing and the events in the Caucuses, the The Sunday Telegraph broke the news of UPS’ talks with TNT about acquiring the Dutch based express and postal company.

Both companies’ shares rose slightly on the news.

<TNT rose 59 cents, or 2.4 percent, to 25.36 euros in Amsterdam on Aug. 8. The shares have dropped 10 percent this year, valuing the company at 9.34 billion euros. UPS added $2.44, or 3.9 percent, to $65.70 in Nw York. Its stock has dropped 7.1 percent in 2008, valuing the carrier at $67.3 billion.>

Source: Bloomberg

I have to admit, my money was on FedEX, not solely because of all of the seekingAlpha postings I’d been reading.

La Poste to Consider Privatisation

According to this Reuters article, La Poste intends to privatise partially in order to raise money in preparation for deregulation of the French postal market.

The offering is aimed at raising between 20 and 30 billion Euros, which would value La Poste at at about 10 billion Euros, half that of its rival Deutsche Post.

Claude Guant, Sarkosy’s chief of staff, began the campaign to convince the french public of the necessity to privatise.

Deutsche Post to Give Back 1 Billion Euros to Shareholders

<The European Union’s second highest court Tuesday said Deutsche Post did not have to repay 572 million euros in state aid received by the German government, as ruled by the European Commission in 2002.

The EU Commission had ruled that Deutsche Post had used the money to subsidise its parcel operations instead of using it to provide the universal service it is obliged to offer to ensure mail is delivered to remote regions.

Adding interest, Deutsche Post can now claim back 1 billion euros.>

For the rest of the Forbes article, click here.

Great NYTimes Article on Reducing Email Volume

This guy is my hero.

Not only has he tackled a near-and-dear pet peeve of mine — inbox clutter, but he is working for IBM while living in the Canary Islands. What a great gig.

Appeal to Prince of Wales on “Royal” in Royal Mail

<The Carmarthenshire-based Llanwrda Post Office Action Group has written to Prince Charles, claiming: “Royal Mail through its actions towards citizens is no longer deserving of holding the title Royal.”>

The community group is appealing to Prince Charles to strip the “Royal” from Royal Mail’s title because of its actions toward communities.

For the rest of the article, click here.

Appel Turns Down Alternatives

According to this Record Herald article, the CEO of Deutsche Post was willing to carry on further conversations on mitigating the impact but felt that there were no viable alternatives.

This phone meeting took place last week on Wednesday between Ohio’s Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher and Frank Appel.